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I guess you already know by this post’s title that we are seriously in love with one particular type of squash! Butternut squash! It is part of the winter squash family and is sweet and nutty, similar to a pumpkin.

The size and shape of this squash could sometimes make it seem a tad daunting to prepare, but let us assure you, all you need is a good sharp knife and you are in the clear!

This type of squash is best enjoyed roasted. To prepare, take your best knife and cut the top off, near the stem, and then cut in half. Scoop out the seeds and the membrane, dress with some olive oil and roast at 400 for about 45 minutes. Maple syrup works really well with this squash, so feel free to substitute that for the olive oil. Some other spices that work well include cinnamon, nutmeg or cayenne pepper!

Our favourite way to use butternut squash is to  serve it as a side, or make it a feature in a soup. Apple and butternut squash soup is our ‘go to’ fall recipe. It is SO easy and you can get the main ingredients at any farmers’ market.

This soup is hearty and packed with nutrients. Its fun to experiment with different type of apples in this recipe until you find your favourite. We have been whipping up this soup so often that we don’t really have a step-by-step recipe. Its more like cook up the squash, throw some things into a pot, experiment with spices and poof, it somehow always works out. But for some any newbies out there, you may want to start here. But in no time you’ll have a recipe of your own!