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Getting your children to actually enjoy eating vegetables can sometimes be a daunting task. This is where your creativity should kick in. But fear not, we have done all the hard thinking for you! Here are two simple ways to make eating peppers a ‘kid friendly’ experience.

The first idea is really simple and a great way to introduce the kids to eating peppers. Next time you serve up some fried eggs, slice the pepper horizontally and cook the egg inside the circumference of the pepper. It looks pretty and makes eating peppers for the kidlets fun! Here is a link to help visualize it.

Another way to make peppers more fun is to involve your kids in the preparation of the meal. Make it an interactive process. A Stuff-Your-Own-Pepper night is great way for your children to take pride in what they make, and chances are they will be looking forward to enjoying their own creation.

You will find all kinds of stuffed pepper recipes by searching online or looking through your cookbooks. Choose one that has ingredients that most appeal to your kids. Here is a recipe that I really like because it includes Quinoa, which I am absolutely in love with. When you find the recipe that works for you with regard to ingredients and simplicity, prepare the stuffing and divide into little bowls and lets your kids do the “hard” work.

Hope you and the family enjoy!