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Cranberries and pumpkins are two great centrepiece ideas that you can pick up at the farmers market! Not only do they help set the mood, but the best part is you can use them even after they do their job sitting on the table.

Cranberries still on the branch, or even bunches of them are simple yet effective  thanksgiving themed decoration. We really like the deep colour of cranberries placed with     silver items. A bowl or ribbon works well! After the big thanksgiving dinner you can make some cranberry sauce.  Actually, there are a ton of cranberry inspired recipes. Check here for some more inspiration.

Pumpkins are a also a bright and fun way to welcome in Thanksgiving. We love arranging  different shapes and colours of pumpkins and gourds! You can totally pick all these items up at the farmers market and make something delicious with them after. Our next post will include some pumpkin recipes. Stay tuned!