Here to Pep Things Up!

How can you pick the perfect peppers? Here are some tips to help guide you —

1. Look for peppers that are smooth, shiny and plump.
2. You want to avoid peppers that have cracks or soft spots.
3. Give your peppers a light squeeze, you want them to firm with a thick skin.

Now that you have picked up some fresh peppers, here are some tips to make them last!

1. To prevent them from rotting, you want to make sure that they are dry when you put them in the fridge.
2. Peppers can last up to...Read More »

Peppers, Versatile in Colour and Flavour!

As summer starts to wind down it is important to remember that farmers are still bringing their delicious, fresh and local product to the markets.  Early fall means plentiful harvests, which is just another reason to buy in bulk and learn how to preserve/pickle/can.

This week’s post will feature peppers and include tips on preserving them as well as some fun ideas to make peppers more “kid-friendly”. Just like tomatoes, peppers are in fact fruits! As I am sure you know by now, they come in many colors including green, yellow, red, and even purple. Peppers are...Read More »

These Puns are Hard to Beet

Tired of all my beet puns yet? I mean come on, there are endless plays on words I could be making here, and trust me, I am trying to limit myself. So I guess now would be the appropriate time to expand on why I used to passionately dislike beets. I like to consider myself one of the least picker eaters out there, accept for beets (which is no longer an issue) and mayonaise (which I may continue to have an irrational fear of for the rest of my life).

There was something about beets, and it mostly had...Read More »

Helping you Beet Time

If you store you beets correctly you can actually have them for quite some time! You want to store beets in the refrigerator for them to last up to 2 to 3 weeks. After conducting some external research I have come up with two suggestions on the best ways to ensure your beets stay fresh. You can take your pick or try both methods to see which works best for you! All of theses suggestions have one thing in common…do NOT wash the beets until you are going to prepare them.

1. Wrap your beets in paper towel and store...Read More »

You Just Can't Beet'em

Purchasing beets at your local farmers market are a bit of a commitment. But don’t let that scare you! I know the entire process of cleaning and preparing beets are a tad daunting and might mean that you need to dedicate a bit more of your time (you don’t want your kitchen to look like a murder scene), but it is so so so worth it!


The best way to ensure that your beets are fresh is to purchase ones with greens still attached. If your greens have crisp leaves that means healthy fresh roots.Your goal is to have roots...Read More »

Just Beet It

Its sad to admit that summer is coming to a near end. But fear not, farmer’s markets are still pumping out all the good stuff. This weeks feature is beets. A great way to welcome the fall, beets are the second most important source of sugar after sugar cane and are full of vitamin C! Relatives to beets include spinach and Swiss chard.


Beets are said to be the super food. They have anti-cancer properties, detox your body, clean your blood and beet juice is considered to be an aphrodisiac.

On a personal note, I used to have an irrational fear...Read More »

Ontario Peaches | Plenty of Peach Potential

Ontario peaches are so good just as is, that it seems like it should be illegal to do anything other than just eating them on their own. That being said, there are a ton of ways to incorporate those peaches into everyday meals.

You can put them on top of your cereal, yogurt or oatmeal. Whip up a delicious smoothie with them, or served them sliced. ( sprinkle some lemon juice on them to prevent them from browning). Peach pies and cobblers are also a summer favourite, and if you really want to savour those peaches you can also...Read More »

Ontario Peaches | Sweet as a Peach (literally)

So you are home from your trip to the farmers market and have a bunch of peaches. What are you to do to make sure that you enjoy them at their peak? Here are a few suggestions to help with storing those peaches!

1.  Solid to touch peaches should be stored at room temp out of direct sunlight.
2. Ripe peaches should be kept in the fridge in a single layer for a maximum of 5 days.
3. Overripe peaches can be used in cooking or thrown into a smoothie.
4. To speed up the ripening process...Read More »

Ontario Peaches | Picking Perfect Peaches

Chances are, if you are picking your peaches up from the farmers markets they were picked at their prime. Which means that they are already ripe or will be in a day or two. Because chances are the fruit at the stall is already ripe, it is not the best etiquette to squeeze the peach. This will lead to a bruised peach and a frustrated vendor. At grocery stores, produce is usually under-ripe due to the assumption that it will ripen during its trip from the orchard to the store.

So after that little speech, what are you...Read More »

Ontario Peaches | Peachy Keen

August is national peach month. So you know what that means! Not only are peaches at their all time prime, but you NEED to pick up one (or more) baskets at your local farmers market as the season will be over before you know it! Trust me, your taste buds will thank you.


Despite what you might think, peaches originate from China. With over 700 varieties, peaches are a great source of vitamin A, B and C. The ancient Chinese considered peach a symbol of longevity and immortality. Another interesting fact is that peaches do not gain...Read More »

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